Our electrically conductive adhesives are engineered to combine bond strength and high electrical conductivity.

Our Product Line

G6-EPOXY™ offers a range of high-performance adhesives and glues that incorporate proprietary fillers. In our formulations, we are extensively using graphene, a novel material that can greatly enhance performance of polymers and composites including epoxy resins. Visit our ONLINE STORE for more details:


Custom Formulations

Depending upon your specific application requirements, custom G6-EPOXY™ formulations may be available.

Why Graphene?

Graphene is a sheet of a single layer of carbon atoms, tightly bound in a hexagonal structure. Graphene's crystalline structure gives it unique optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man. It is only one atom thick, the lightest material known, the strongest compound discovered (between 100 to 300 times stronger than steel), the best conductor of heat at room temperature and the best conductor of electricity known.

We have determined graphene to be a multifunctional filler that can simultaneously improve several important properties of epoxy resins that our customers require. The incorporation of graphene additives offers an effective technique to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of epoxies. G6-EPOXY™ epoxy products have an improved resistance to stress, corrosion, cracking and fatigue.

Additional benefits of incorporating graphene may include increased tensile strength and stiffness, reduced flammability, as well as improved thermal and UV stability.  Graphene reduces overall density, weight and cost of epoxy resins, improve operational safety and increase cured epoxy durability.

We have extensive experience and expertise working with graphene. We have discovered and refined proprietary methods and processes allowing us to utilize graphene’s outstanding properties to solve many of our customers problems. G6-EPOXY™ epoxy products have leveraged our years of nanotechnology research, hands-on expertise of our R&D team to accurately formulate proprietary new recipes of epoxies to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

Working with G6-EPOXY Team

Custom Requests

G6-EPOXY™’s team members are dedicated to our customer’s needs. All G6-EPOXY™ products are manufactured and packaged in our facility located in Long Island, New York. We offer consistent high-quality epoxy products. All orders for standard “off-the-shelf” products usually ship in one business day. Custom formulations and packaging may be available upon request.

Analytical Laboratory

The research team of G6-EPOXY™ operates the state of the art analytical laboratory that is being used in the development and quality testing of the materials. In this laboratory, we perform the certification of the raw materials used for production as well as quality testing for the end-product formulations. The analytical capabilities include: 

  1. Rheology measurement station
  2. Four-probe conductivity measurement equipment
  3. Universal Test Station for evaluation of materials mechanical performance
  4. Raman Spectroscopy

Our Location


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Do you want to learn more about G6-EPOXY™ epoxies and services?

Please visit our TECHNICAL INFO page to obtain technical data sheets for our epoxy products. Can’t find the epoxy solution you require? Or, do you have a custom G6-EPOXY™ requirement that does not match our present product offering?   Please feel free to consult with G6-EPOXY™ to ensure the most appropriate selection of epoxy products. Please call us or visit our CONTACT US page and submit your epoxy application requirements.


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