G6-EPOXY™ is a registered trademark of Graphene Laboratories, Inc. Graphene Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2009 primarily to be on the forefront of commercializing applications for graphene. As part of our mission to capitalize on the groundbreaking properties of graphene and other advanced materials, the G6-EPOXY™ brand of epoxies were developed to address the needs and requirements to offer an alternative to solder and soldering techniques using silver.


G6-EPOXY™ products are high-performance adhesives optimized for bonding, sealing and coating applications. For non-metallic electrically conductive adhesives, we offer a proprietary mix of high-performance carbon filler to the epoxy providing excellent electrical performance characteristics. Additionally, we offer a variety of proprietary silver/graphene formulations that have a significantly lower silver content, while still providing similar levels of conductivity to meet many common industry applications. This innovation often yields a lesser expensive and lower density product alternative. 

Common applications for G6-EPOXY™ products are:

o Photovoltaic Cells

o LCD/OLED Displays

o Touch Panels

o LED's

o RFID tags

o Flexible connectors

o Products and applications involving substrates or materials with design temperature constraints

Our line of G6-EPOXY™ products is formulated for most of the popular applications. In addition to the popular portfolio of epoxy products shown and available for purchase from this site, we have a library of custom epoxy products available to offer. One of our greatest capabilities to offer customers is to offer custom G6-EPOXY™ products when our commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) products do not meet the needs of a given customer. Please see our CONTACT US page to discuss your specific requirements for proper selection or determination if a custom G6-EPOXY solution is required.

The G6-EPOXY™ selection of products is continuously expanding. We are adding epoxy products with different and greater performance capabilities to meet the needs of our customers into the foreseeable future. Please add our site to your favorites list and check back with us often.