One Component Conductive Epoxies

Long Working Time. Shelf Stable. Heat Activated. 

G6 Epoxy® offers a one-component electrically conductive epoxy. This innovative solution provides excellent electrical conductivity and bonding strength in a single component formula, making it easier and more convenient to use than traditional two-part conductive epoxy systems.

Our one-component epoxy systems maintain shelf life stability and prolonged pot life until heat activation at a specified temperature. This results in a user-friendly solution with a long working time, making it ideal for large or complex projects.

About G6 Epoxy

G6 Epoxy offers a broad range of electrically conductive adhesives with that incorporate proprietary fillers. The formulations extensively use nanomaterials as well as graphene, a novel material that can profoundly enhance the performance of polymers and composites, including epoxy resins.

You can find G6 Epoxy products on their website, as well as Graphene Supermarket and Amazon.

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